Money saving motivations

No one says no to a bulkier bank account. So say a big “HELLO!” to our list of money saving motivations.

It’s easy to believe that you’ll save for emergency & retirement, when you make money, when you finish paying for your kid’s education, or when you will have more money after spending for all your expenses, partying out, eating out, travel ‘n’ trips, drinking, going to theatre, parlour’s, …..

But the real truth is one day you will wake up and realize you are out of work, you’re much older and much closer to retirement. It’s a common mistake to think that; you can’t start saving, because you don’t have much money. You are trying to fool yourself buddy. Wake up!!!

So, here I will give you few handy ways to boost your bank account.

  1. As soon as, you get your pay, make rough estimates of your expenses for the month. Don’t forget to include a fixed saving amount; as one in the list. Don’t worry even if it is small. Small and regular savings will boost your bank account. Save little and often. “Rome was not built in a day” dudes!!!
  2. Avoid shopping when you are feeling emotional or hungry. You might laugh; but this is why retailers are reaping more profits in the shopping malls, fast food centers & pubs. Females have a tendency to replace their wardrobes, furnishings, interiors just because they are frustrated. Mens, I don’t have to say – You can find them in pubs. They don’t waste time in shopping. pic2 Whatever you do – don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry. All the things which are on the shelf of the supermarkets (especially sugar rich foods) will sure be in your shopping cart.
  3. Next is to cut out your expensive habits. Do not register for a gym, when you find excuses for not being regular. Instead, you can go for a walk or jog – Breathe fresh air, love the nature and enjoy it in the parks. Cut down on your parlour visits. If you really take savings as your priority; you can definitely do it yourself at home. Eating out costs a small fortune and can easily hike your monthly expenses. But once in a month treating yourself by dining out and relaxing is acceptable.
  4. Stop swiping your credit cards for your purchases. Save for what you need and buy. Payback your debts and cards immediately within the due dates or ASAP (As soon as possible); Else, you will be ending up accumulating interests and fines if you miss your payment.


You might ask; why should I take control of my expenses now and not enjoy my life.

You won’t need to suffer through debt or rely on anyone else for the things you’ll need when you have an emergency. Life is full of surprises. It means everything becoming sick, for retirement, out of job, (especially when the economic climate is towards recession), planning to buy a property, setting up your business, (especially when you have a tough boss )

tough boss - 2

Note : This pic does not relate to anyone. Please colleagues you are my friends, don’t, don’t……Noooooo

Stop putting yourself last. Start early and take decision right now. What can you achieve? PEACE OF MIND ‘n’ Sense of security.  

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